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Not in my Neighbourhood Week

Posted by StreetSafe on November 2, 2009

2.11.09 STREETSAFE Operation under the banner of Together We Can.
A multi agency/ partner/ community information gathering event including Junior Wardens aimed at consulting stakeholders in Central ward about incidents of and how to reduce anti social behaviour in Central ward and thereby improve the environment and reduce fear of crime/asb.
Soccer Cage event organised between 6-8 pm in conjunction with Youth Work Week.Location Church Street.
Neighbourhood Wardens and Junior Wardens litter pick in the Church Street/Park areas of Barrow. Further info-Andy High 01229 876546

3.11.09. STREETSAFE Operation aimed at a specific locality to investigate alleged anti social behaviour and its impact on the neighbourhood. If appropriate the results will be forwarded to the Anti Social Behaviour Intervention Panel in order to develop a package of measures to resolve the issue. Further information -P.C John Irving. 07980 747484
Neighbourhood Wardens/PCSO litter pick and enforcement in the Hollywood Park area.Further info – Andy High 01229 876546
4/11/2009 Neighbourhood Wardens and PCSO dog fouling patrol and enforcement. Further info-Andy High 01229 876546
5/11/2009 – Neighbourhood Wardens and PCSO dog fouling patrol Further info – Andy High 01229 876546
6/11/2009 -Community Safety Development event aimed at raising awareness of community safety issues including anti social behaviour, fire safety and property security. We will be handing out property marking pens and arranging home safety checks which include fire safety and security.Further info – Andy High 01229 876546
Targeted mail drop regarding dog fouling in an identified problem area.

All week – Consultation via a social networking sites where stakeholders will have the opportunity to discuss issues and identify problems needing attention. Streetsafe Facebook and Streetsafe Twitter. Further info – P.C John Irving. 07980 747484

31/10/2009 In conjunction with Youth Work Week ( in the same week) a number of events aimed at offering diversionary activities for children and young people to reduce incidents of anti social behaviour around Halloween and Bonfire Nights.
1. Disco at Nelson Street Community Centre
2. Halloween Party Abmrose Hotel in Hindpool Ward 7pm – 3am. Primarily family orientated in the early evening…
3. Chandlers 6.30 pm family night.
4. Club M 7pm -10pm. Youth disco 12-17 years.
Further info – Anni Holden 01229 876361

ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR INTERVENTION PANEL meeting. A multi agency group aimed at finding bespoke solutions to incidents of asb.

Burglary Task Group Meeting. Aimed at reducing incidents of burglary in hot spot areas.
Bike Marking events at two locations aimed at reducing bike thefts and increasing detection rateTo be announced. Further info-PC Jose da Silva Neto 01229 848910


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