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Stay safe at Christmas, LOCK IT or LOSE IT

Posted by StreetSafe on November 30, 2009

Did you know that 50% of the houses burgled in the borough had been insecure?

The cheapest and most effective way not to become a victim of burglary is to lock all your doors and windows, especially when you go out and at night.
Keys should not be left in the door, but somewhere safe, so that you and other family members could access in an emergency but not be accessible to an intruder.

Check your security. Are your locks on windows and doors working properly? How would you get in if you had lost your keys? That would be the route the burglar would take.

Burglars don’t like the risk of being seen, heard or being delayed.

Security lighting helps. Dusk to dawn lighting (electric photo cell) comes on when it gets dark and goes off when it becomes light again. PIR (passive infra red) lighting is also used but can cause the fear of crime to increase because they come on when sensing any movement – even when a cat goes passed! Consider uses a timer light for when you go out. It will look like someone is at home.

If intruders have to break glass to enter, it means they could be heard. Opportunist burglars prefer open doors and windows to get through so they can be quiet in doing so.
Burglar alarms also increase the chance of being heard. Monitored alarms are better than ‘bells only’ as an alarm receiving centre will confirm that the house has been broken into (PIR detectors, door contacts and vibration sensors can be fitted in the house) and either contact you or the police. ‘Bells only’ alarms are reliant on neighbours ringing police and this may not happen.
Burglar alarms are also a great deterrent as long as the outside boxes don’t look old and unused.

Delaying an intruder increases their chances of being detected and caught. Suitable ‘target hardening’ for your home should be in place which makes the job of trying to get into your house harder and takes time. Fit key operated locks for all ground floor and accessible windows. The front and back doors (on non UPVC) should have a British Standard 3621 5 lever mortice lock. Secure yard gates with padlocks – remove any tools or ladders that can be used to gain entry to your home.

Check out this web link to the Home Office crime reduction site for information on home security.


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