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Bill the Burglar ………

Posted by StreetSafe on May 25, 2010

The new site,, is based around an animation of a distraction burglar called Bill who preys on vulnerable members of the community.
Police plan to use the new website in schools across the county during the force’s six-week burglary campaign to enlist children’s help to spread simple crime prevention messages amongst families and neighbours.
Assistant Chief Constable Jerry Graham said: “Becoming a victim of any crime is upsetting – but burglaries can cause a huge amount of distress for victims as they have to come to terms with the fact that criminals have invaded their homes and rifled through their personal belongings.
“We work hard to tackle burglaries in Cumbria, but need our communities to play their part to keep themselves and their property safe.
“We need residents to take extra care to secure their doors and windows and not be too trusting of people who knock at their doors.
“The launch of this new website helps us to highlight the importance of being vigilant and spread the message that although burglaries are going down across Cumbria, they do happen – and there are criminals out there who will take advantage of common insecurities like unlocked windows and doors. It is a new, exciting way for us to engage with younger generations and communicate important safety messages in a way that appeals to them. It will be a useful tool for officers to use in schools to spread crime prevention messages and spark discussions with pupils about staying safe.
“We hope that young people will talk to others about Bill and urge their family members to check that their homes and belongings are safe and secure.”
The website includes a facility for children to enter their details and then print or e-mail a personalised letter to their grandmother which gives crime prevention advice and includes some winning designs from a police-led poster competition held in primary schools in Barrow last year. Officers will be personally handing copies of these letters out to children in schools throughout the course of the burglary campaign and will encourage them to visit to download free ringtones and follow links to lots of other burglary crime prevention advice.


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