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WALKING DRAWINGS : A Fantastic Public Spectacle

Posted by StreetSafe on August 11, 2010

Artist Evewright will be producing a new experimental Drawing – a Walking Drawing –
involving hundreds of people at Silecroft Beach and Morecambe Bay on 15 and 16 September
(respectively). He is inviting people to take part in this unique event as a walker at
Morecambe Bay.
What is a Walking Drawing?
A Walking Drawing is a large-scale drawing undertaken with a combination of freehand and
mechanical tools on a vast landscape (canvas) of at least a quarter of a mile in the early hours
of the morning. People of different ages, genders and cultures all dressed in black are then
led onto the drawing and invited to walk its lines in various formats and patterns. The entire
process will be filmed and photographed for a new art film installation. The soundtrack will
be produced by a local music organisation. The Queens Guide to the Sands, Mr Cedric
Robinson is working with us on this project to include a Bay Walk across Duddon Sands.
Walking Drawings likes to create stunning and significant visual art that local communities
can be involved in, which at the same time subtlely raises awareness around pertinent issues
in our society, from climate change to human rights. The entire process (creating the
drawing, the various walks on the drawing through the day) is filmed, photographed and
then shown in venues and art festivals as an art film installation.
Why do a Walking Drawings at Morecambe Bay?
Quite simply because it is an area of outstanding natural beauty, not often recognised as
such. It is also one of the few places in the country that has such a large expanse of sand, vast
enough to produce a Walking Drawing.
And what’s so special about Silecroft Beach?
Someone mentioned Cumbrian Heavy Horses and that got Evewright’s imagination moving
in another direction! The beauty and majesty of the movement of the horses that he
witnessed on Silecroft Beach created a Walking Drawing of a different dimension that he
wants to capture on film.
A Walking Drawing creates a fantastic public spectacle, which can also be used by local
people to promote their locale. This becomes even more significant for areas of regeneration.
Everton Wright says: “I love working on the concept of Walking Drawings in Morecambe
Bay because as a visual artist and sculptor I am quite studio bound so every so often it is good
to get out of the studio environment and into the landscape – and it is good to get out of my
London sphere and explore areas in other exciting and beautiful regions of the country.”
Walking Drawings is financially supported by Lancaster City Council,
Lancashire County Council and Awards for All.
For more information and images contact:
Kadija George
Executive Producer
To register to go on the walk visit
To find out about volunteering in any other capacity please contact Kadija George on
An EMMA award-winning Creative Director, Film Maker, Photographer, Sculptor and
Visual Artist.
Everton Wright is Director of Evewright Studios which blends the commercial and the
conceptual to produce high-impact brand solutions. With twenty-six years experience he
is renowned for bringing a new design and brand sensibility to UK design and leading
black British creative entrepreneurship. His key senior leadership experience includes.
• Founding Britain’s first black design agency, Creative Hands. Worked between
the corporate and
commercial sectors to develop ubiquitous brands such as Jamiroquai (for Sony
Music), South Africa Airways, Talawa Theatre, Royal Court Theatre and decibel,
Arts Council England.
• Built thecompany to great commercial success eventually selling it to Roundel
Design in 2004.
• Pioneered Britain’s first ever online social network for black British culture,
Darker than Blue,raising £3m from the city and partnering with Chrysalis Group.
Darker than Blue profiled black Britain’s culture through online and offline
events and projects
• Won awards for his artwork including the People Choice Award at Morley
Gallery for his sculpture of actress Fiona Shaw


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