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Night time economy Streetsafe evaluation Christmas 2010

Posted by StreetSafe on December 17, 2010

A Streetsafe team of 12 people visited The Railway Public House (Wetherspoons chain) between 630pm and 8pm on Thursday 9th December 2010.
The main focus on this operation was to actively promote various Christmas Safety Campaigns for partner agencies. We also wanted to find out if the customers had any concerns in relation to their safety when using the night time economy.

The briefing was held in Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Management Office. Inspector Dave Bosson briefed the multi agency team prior to the Operation. The operation was filmed by media students from Channelside project as an on going project.

During the evening we spoke to 40 customers who completed the Streetsafe questionnaire.
From the questionnaire we can evaluate over 2,000 pieces of information.
We talked to and listened to customers for over 10 hours in total.
90% of customers felt fairly safe, safe or very safe whilst using the night time economy in Barrow-in-Furness.
To see the full evaluation and picture, please click here Night time 10 _3_


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