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The boys have grown up!

Posted by StreetSafe on February 3, 2011

Community members are invited to log onto the Cumbria Constabulary website to follow two new recruits on their journey from police pup to canine crime fighter.
A three part web diary has been created chronicling the training of police dogs Dexter and Bailey from joining the Constabulary at just eight weeks old until they become fully functional Police dogs.
The series, presented by Dog Handler PC Paddy Bainbridge, shows the pups learning the skills they’ll need to help solve crime and viewers can learn more about the wide variety of work they can be called upon to do.
In the first chapter viewers meet Dexter and Bailey (originally called Oscar) as puppies and learn how they are trained at this early stage.
PC Paddy Bainbridge said: “The most important time in the training of any pup is when they are between six weeks and six months old so as soon as they are eight weeks old we get them home and start training. They don’t realize they are being trained because everything we do with the police pups is reward based force-free training, playing with toys and learning how to associate objects, scents and people.
“By 14 months they have already learned most of the basics and are given to their handlers to start their full time police training for up to 8-12 weeks where they’ll start learning police work and how they get rewarded for doing certain exercises, it is all about teaching them control.”
Part two flashes forward and shows how they are trained to track human scent, find property, as well as the different ways of detaining of suspects.
By part three Dexter and Bailey have become fully trained police dogs and are going on a refresher course with PC Bainbridge which makes sure all their skills are up to scratch and see how far they’ve come. It also gives some insight into the life of a dog handler, with Dexter’s handler PC Glenn Myerscough, explaining how they work side by side to help combat crime throughout the county.
PC Bainbridge added: “It’s been great to be able to document Dexter and Bailey’s journey online and share it with the people of Cumbria and beyond. Both these dogs have been a pleasure to work with and it’s nice to see them out there catching the bad guys and keeping people safe which is what we’re all here for.
“I know as they continue to mature they are both going to be top class police dogs.”
To watch Dexter and Bailey’s diary and other videos about policing in Cumbria log on to or
Please find below links to each part of the video diary:

Part One – ‘First Steps’

Part Two – ‘Growing Up’

Part Three – ‘The Boys Are Back’


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