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Meet the final 21 in the Love Barrow Community Awards

Posted by StreetSafe on February 17, 2011

The Love Barrow Awards 2011 are supported by Vattenfall, developers of the Ormonde offshore wind farm off Barrow

JUDGING the Love Barrow Awards 2011 was never going to be easy.

The panel, a mix of community figures including representatives from Barrow Borough Council, Barrow Police, Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Management and the Evening Mail, faced a huge task.

Citizen of the Year
Anne Carruthers
Pauline Charnley
Alec Moore

Young Citizen of the Year
Oliver Booth
Josh Fitzgerald
Members of Walney Youth Club

Community Group/Project of the Year
The Birchall Trust
Volunteers from the Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (CADAS).
Central and Hindpool Junior Neighbourhood Wardens.

Sports Volunteer of the Year
Sonja Foster
Brian Parramore and Rob Arthur
John Sherwen

Carer of the Year
Sharon Ellis
Dawn Salt
Thomas Trantor

Teacher of the Year
Nicky Brewerton
Jill Byrne
Joanne Coates

The Courage Award
Jordan Bradley
Lorraine Corrance
Cathy Hayes
They received nearly 90 nominations for more than 50 nominees across seven different categories.
They saw a wealth of nominations for the town’s great and good, they read about a wide range of different achievements, efforts and personal qualities, and they were told the ways in which every single nominee had an impact on the lives of others.
It took a long day of judging, a stringent points system and a great deal of deliberation to decide who would make the final three in each of the categories: Citizen of the Year, Community Group/Project of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, Carer of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Sports Volunteer of the Year and the Courage Award.
Now chosen, the 21 finalists will attend a glittering awards ceremony in March, during which the winners will be announced.
Pauline Charnley made the top three in the Citizen of the Year category for her hard work on behalf of Barrow’s tenants and residents.
Mrs Charnley, who was a guest at a Love Barrow awards ceremony four years ago, said: “I’m really looking forward to it.
“The first time I went it was a really good night, we enjoyed the whole thing.
“It was great to see the different people nominated for different things, and hear about what they’d done for their community.”
Asked how she feels about attending this year’s event as a finalist, Mrs Charnley said: “I was quite shocked to be nominated in the first place, and when they called and said I’d made the finals it just astounded me.
“I’ve had other awards but for Barrow itself to recognise me is something quite special.”
Joining Mrs Charnley at the ceremony will be Sonja Foster, who made the finals of Sports Volunteer of the Year because of her hard work training others to take part in charity fitness fundraisers.
Miss Foster said: “I didn’t even know I’d been nominated, it came completely out of the blue.
“I was totally flabbergasted.”
Speaking about her hours of hard work volunteering, she said: “I’ve trained people for all sorts of different things and it’s amazing to see people do the things they want to do.
“It makes me feel good when I see people achieving things that I found hard to achieve at first.”
It is not just seasoned sports volunteers and long-standing stalwarts who will be honoured for their impact on the town.
Among the finalists in the Community Group/Project of the Year category are the Central and Hindpool Junior Neighbourhood Wardens.
Central and Hindpool Neighbourhood Warden Andy High, one of those who runs the group, said: “It’s an honour that the kids are being recognised for the work that they’re doing.
“They put a lot of effort and hard work in to it and they do it all in their own time.
“I think this shows that the young people of our community are a valuable asset that shouldn’t be underestimated.
“A lot of the work they’ve done is really positive and has really helped the area, and this acknowledges that, regardless of age, you can be part of the community and put something in to it.”
Nicky Brewerton, headteacher of Ramsden Infant School, in Barrow, has made the finals of the Teacher of the Year category, in recognition of how her school manages to excel despite being in a deprived area.
Mrs Brewerton said: “I think it’s a really nice honour.
“Teaching is setting children up for life, so it’s vital to get it right, and the team here really bent over backwards to do what we can to do that.
“This is a lovely pat on the back to reward that and shows that someone appreciates what we do.”
This year’s awards have a special twist, which comes in the form of the Courage Award.
Three finalists have been chosen in that category and the overall winner will be decided by the public.
Readers of the Evening Mail and listeners to The Bay radio station will be asked to watch online videos telling the stories of each individual finalist, before voting for who they think should win the award.

To view video’s etc please click here


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